Fostering safe & inclusive school communities via advocacy

The Inter-University LGBT Network is a network for organisations in Singapore universities to collaborate in fostering safer and more inclusive school communities for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

Our Organisation

“Inter-University LGBT Network is a student-run organisation, acting as a collective voice for the various university groups and maintaining their continuity.

We currently look over 8 member groups: NTU Kaleidoscope (Nanyang Technological University), QueerNUS (National University of Singapore), TFreedom (Tembusu College NUS), Gender Collective (NUS University Scholars Programme), EnCAPTsulate (NUS College of Alice & Peter Tan), G spot (Yale-NUS College), Out to Care (Singapore Management University), and Q-space (Singapore Institute of Technology).”

What we do


To raise awareness, promote understanding of gender and sexual diversity on campus, build a safe space for networking, peer support and social engagement.


Act as a collective voice for various university groups, releasing press statements on our social media platforms, and speaking to press when requested.


To study the available resources locally and to produce our own resources such as guidebooks and handbooks. Topics include being trans+ on campus, safe sex and queer friendly spaces.

Get to know us better

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Our Mission

To advocate for youth-specific LGBTQ+ issues, as well as to provide safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth in Singapore to find community and resources.

Inter-University LGBT Network is a student-run organization with all our members consisting of university and tertiary education students. We depend greatly on goodwill donations to sustain our organisation.

To allow us to continue doing the work we do, please consider contributing to our organization via our Ko-fi link.

Funds will go towards booking venues and logistics for our events, as well as printing and distributing our research handbooks.