Allyship Workshop 2021

June 2021

For Pride Month, Inter-University LGBT Network organised an allyship workshop for the parents and family members of LGBTQ+ members over Zoom as part of the line-up for Pink Fest 2021 ! Participants were free to sign up and attend together as a family.

This rendition of the Allyship Workshop aimed to equip family members with the necessary skills to better support their LGBTQ+ children, as well as the skills to stand up to discrimination!

Adopt-A-Hobby Class Passes

January – February 2021

In line with the Mental Health Campaign, Inter-University LGBT Network subsidised classes that participants could attend to pick up new hobbies, and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

The range of classes included: 
– Liberation Flow Yoga Class with Unapologetic Yoga (15 pax)
– Weaving/Slow-stitching Art Class with FoundSpace (7 pax)
– Pottery Class with The Potter’s Guilt (12 pax)
– Dance Class with Strictly Equality Dancing
-Class pass vouchers for Yoga Inc. (15 pax)

Mental Wellness Zoom Webinar

January 2021

At the turn of new year, IULN held a Mental Wellness Zoom Webinar as part of our on-going mental health campaign to equip LGBTQ+ individuals with skills and resources to cope and heal on their mental health journeys. 

The discussion between industry professionals and community leaders covered how persons in the LGBTQ+ community can introduce different forms of support for individuals who are coping with mental health issues and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Our panelists included: Aleesha Khan, Heart Knocks Counselling, The Greenhouse SG, TransBefrienders & Penawar. 

HalloQween Q-Mixer

October 2020

HalloQween 2020 was an online games night organised by Inter-University LGBT Network for members of the LGBTQ+ community. In this event, we ran a number of fun games with a twist: don’t forget the lyrics and LGBT-themed jeopardy!

Effective Allyship Workshop 2020

July 2020

In lieu of Pride Month 2020, Inter-University LGBT Network launched 2 online sessions of the Effective Allyship Workshops that were open to public. Participants joined in robust discussions, were introduced to primers on LGBTQ+ issues and terms, in order to better understand their role as an ally to the LGBTQ+ community.

Intersectionality and Privilege Workshop

February 2020

In light of the rise in discussions surrounding race, privilege and allyship, Inter-University LGBT Network partnered with local brown activists to hold a closed workshop on intersectionality and privilege. The workshop highlighted the experiences of what it means to be brown and queer, and served as a safe space for discussions on race and queerness. We hoped that the workshop would equip participants with knowledge on how to recognise their privilege, and to be better allies. We also took this opportunity to learn about how the network can be more accessible, and better provide for the brown queer folks in our community.

The Magical Market

January 2020

We started 2020 by giving back! Inter-University LGBT Network collaborated with The T project SG to bring you The Magical Market: a charity art bazaar! All profits made went to supporting The T Project’s #LiveYourFairytale fundraiser. Hosted by Miss Chinatown, the market featured a whole range of local artists and musicians. Together, we managed to raise a total of $4079.67 due to the generous contributions and donations from the community.

The images from the event are available on our Facebook page at:

Self Qare Day

December 2019

Inter-University LGBT Network ended the year with a Self Care event hosted at The Moon. Self Qare Day saw a full day of activities centred around self and community care. Participants learnt healthy coping methods, unwinded with zine jamming, broke a sweat with queer partnered dance, joined our panel discussion on mental health in the LGBTQ+ community, and much more! Open to all, this event couldn’t have been possible without our friends at Strictly Guys Dancing, Lifeline SG, The Greenhouse SG, Relational Counselling Studio, Free Community Church, The T Project, Your Head Lah! Magazine, Now Your Mind, Raphael Revindran and Norah Lea.

The images from the event are available on our Facebook page at:


October 2019

We’re back with another QMixer! Wind down with us on 19 October at East Coast Park over food and drinks.

Effective Allyship Workshop

June 2019

As part of the lineup for PinkFest, Inter-University LGBT Network held 4 Effective Allyship Workshops that were open to the public. During the workshop, we covered important LGBTQ terms and issues as well as scenarios in which an ally can stand against discrimination.

Queer & Graduating

January 2019

IULN PRESENTS: Queer & Graduating. Let’s talk about careers! We will have people working in the law, tech, banking and government sectors there to answer your most burning questions.


October 2018

Our annual Q-Mixer is back. This time, an afternoon alcohol-free mixer where you can mingle with other members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies over board games, a movie screening and great food! (We’re working with Well Dressed Salad Bar, a queer-owned space but don’t worry lah —  we aren’t serving salad. There’ll be something for everyone, we promise!)


March 2018

QMixer is back with a bigger venue! Come down to our event to reconnect with old friends or make new ones. This event is open to all students and staff from all institutions.


August 2017

Feeling stressed? Let your hair down for a night and come down for some drinks and fun! Come join us at Q-Mixer where you can meet, mingle and get some drinks with people with common interests.

Coming Out in University

July 2017

Qchat is a support programme by Inter-University LGBT Network for all university students. Our programme aims to explore different issues faced by LGBTQIA+ students. For our first programme, we will be talking about coming out in University. Join us to make new friends and hear each other’s experiences. Our programme will be facilitated by fellow university students.


April 2017

Feeling stressed? Let your hair down for a night and come down for some drinks and fun! Come join us at Q-Mixer where you can meet, mingle and get some drinks with people with common interests.

Inter-University LGBT Network is a student-run organization with all our members consisting of university and tertiary education students. We depend greatly on goodwill donations to sustain our organisation.

To allow us to continue doing the work we do, please consider contributing to our organization via our Ko-fi link.

Funds will go towards booking venues and logistics for our events, as well as printing and distributing our research handbooks.

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