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Inter-University LGBT Network is a student-run organisation, acting as a collective voice for the various university groups and maintaining their continuity. We currently look over 8 member groups.

For university-specific enquiries, please contact member groups for information that is specific to your school.

Q Space

Singapore Institute of Technology

Q-Space is a safe space for LGBTQ+ folk run by SIT students (SITizens). We want to provide a safe and inclusive environment for members to share stories, provide advice / help / support / a listening ear if needed.

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NTU Kaleidoscope

Nanyang Technological University

NTU Kaleidoscope was formed by a group of students in 2013 to raise awareness on the many faces of discrimination, including that on the basis of Sexual Orientation, Gender, Race and Class. We aim to give voice and visibility to the LGBTQ+ community by championing inclusivity, education and discussion.

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National University of Singapore

QueerNUS is a collective of students, staff, faculty, and alumni that stands for diversity and inclusion for all members of the community regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity. We work on raising awareness around issues regarding gender and sexuality, providing a space for queer people and allies in the NUS community to build connections and support systems with each other, and establishing a platform for queer members to make their voices heard. 

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College of Alice & Peter Tan (CAPT), National University of Singapore

EnCAPTsulate is a safe space for CAPTains to discuss issues relating to diversity and inclusion, with an emphasis on sexuality and gender.

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Gender Collective

University Scholars Programme, National University of Singapore

Gender Collective is an inclusive social group where people of all gender and sexual identities can come together for discussion in a safe space. We address issues relating to privilege and marginalized groups, with a focus on gender and sexuality, and how these intersect with other modes of living.


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Tembusu College, National University of Singapore

tFreedom is an LGBTQIA+-affirming community that aims to build a more diverse and inclusive college. We organise events to advocate and educate on matters regarding gender and sexuality, fostering greater awareness and understanding amongst Tembusians on such issues. tFreedom also hosts private gatherings for LGBTQIA+-identifing members to create a safe space for them to freely express themselves. Ultimately, tFreedom aspires to be the pillar of support for LGBTQIA+ Tembusians while actively engaging with the general college community to promote an inclusive residential environment.

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The G Spot

Yale-NUS College

The G Spot is a collection of students from Yale NUS College who promote diversity and inclusivity. We are concerned with issues intersecting gender, gender identity, sexuality, sexual orientation, asexuality, race, class, and disability – hence the G “Spot”, literally a point of intersection, and one deeply connected with the body.

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Out To Care

Singapore Management University

Out To Care is a support and networking group that encourages inclusion among Singapore Management University (SMU)’s diverse community, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. 


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Inter-University LGBT Network is a student-run organization with all our members consisting of university and tertiary education students. We depend greatly on goodwill donations to sustain our organisation.

To allow us to continue doing the work we do, please consider contributing to our organization via our Ko-fi link.

Funds will go towards booking venues and logistics for our events, as well as printing and distributing our research handbooks.

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