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The White Book: A Safer Space for LGBTQ+ on Campus


“While there has been increased advocacy for gender and sexuality diversity and inclusion, little progress has been reached in improving the treatment of LGBTQ+ students on campuses. To understand the challenges, we asked IULN to address some questions and assumptions about the LGBTQ+ space, as well as LGBTQ+ discrimination in

#CopingwithCovid: The Well-Being of LGBTIQ Adolescents and Youth during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Asia and the Pacific!

2020 (2020)

“We are once again reminded that our battle as gender minorities lies within our most intimate spaces, the right to perform our sexuality without threat and prejudice, the right to an environment and to relationships of love and acceptance within those we consider to be family.”

Only 8% of LGBTQ+ youth in S’pore feel comfortable sharing their identity with their parents

14 August 2020

“Though there has been an encouraging number of ground-up, both off and online, initiatives for youth mental health, there is much more that can be done for the LGBTQ+ community. More investment into targeted community mental health services should be the way forward.”

Self Qare: Why We Need Queer-Centric Mental Health Initiatives

26 January 2020

“Self Qare Day demonstrated LGBTQ+ people’s formidable ability to care for each other, and it was a life lesson in caring for ourselves. The phrase ‘safe space’ wasn’t a refusal to acknowledge what made us feel unsafe; our struggles felt seen. It’s a delicate balance, and one which IULN event organisers achieved remarkably well.” (2020)

Violent comments against student who kissed his male partner are ‘worrying’: Inter-University LGBT Network

9 February 2019

“Comments like this which incite violence against vulnerable and marginalized communities have no place in our society and should not be condoned,” said a spokesperson in the statement.”

“the network claimed that there continues to be a lack of support for LGBTQ students in schools here, “allowing for the continued marginalization and bullying of LGBTQ+ individuals.” (2019)

Youth Activism: What Loving Singapore Looks Like

7 October 2019

“Let us not underestimate the value of our youth speaking up and taking action to make change.” (2019)

Inter-Uni LGBT Network raps SIM for ‘censorship’ of bisexual singer in campus concert

26 September 2019

“IULN concluded by saying: “The censorship of LGBTQ+ expression and the suppression of dialogue around LGBTQ+ issues does not help to promote the safety and security of LGBTQ+ students. Discouraging conversations perpetuates gaps of understanding between LGBTQ+ students and their peers rather than bridging them.” (2019)

MOE bans speaker from giving TED talk in SJI, says LGBTQ group

20 July 2018

“The Inter-University LGBT Network (Singapore) has expressed disappointment at the last-minute prohibition of its representative from giving a speech at a TEDtalk event in St Joseph’s Institution (SJI). … The group added that “the erasure of LGBTQ+ issues from our schools has a serious negative impact on the well-being of young LGBTQ+ people.” (2018)

A rally cry mounts for LGBT rights in Singapore

28 July 2018

“While SJI’s withdrawal of Yeo’s invitation has attracted publicity and attention, the reality is that Singaporean schools and educators have a long, controversial history in handling LGBT issues.” (2018)

How LGBT-Inclusive Are Singapore Universities?

6 March 2017

“While there remain challenges to foster more inclusive campuses across Singapore, the Inter-University LGBT Network is committed to supporting and empowering students from across all universities in Singapore.” (2017)

Inter-University LGBT Network highlights concern over usage of the term, “tranny” and transphobia

28 February 2017

“As a first step to fostering a safer society for transgender people, The Inter-University LGBT Network hopes that Xiaxue and other allies will stand by their commitment to eliminating transphobia by avoiding the use of offensive slurs that dehumanise and degrade transgender individuals.” (2017)

Why Singapore workplaces need to be gay friendly

14 May 2015

“The launch of the network provides a timely reminder to Singapore employers that it is important to LGBT-friendly, something which – according to founder and CEO of Achieve Group Joshua Yim – can actually increase employee engagement.” (2015)

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