Press Statements

Statement on City Revival SG’s Video Titled: The Relevance of Revelation

Issued 29 July 2020

The Inter-University LGBT Network (“IULN”) is concerned by divisive ideologies mentioned in City Revival SG’s The Relevance of Revelation video. We are heartened that Singaporeans have stood in support of the LGBTQ+ community, and that the individuals involved have apologised. We believe more can be done to promote inclusivity in this society.

We would like to encourage all individuals and organisations to engage with available resources that provide sensitivity training and allyship workshops. Additionally, we would like to spotlight the organisations and community groups that provide safe, inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ persons to explore their faith. Such organisations include the Singapore Buddhist Fellowship, the Hindu Centre, Free Community Church, The Healing Circle, Jejaka, Penawar, and more.

Response to Parliamentary Discussion on LGBTQ+ voices at Institutes of Higher Learning

Issued 12 November 2019

On 5 Nov, MOE clarified that Institutes of Higher Learning have the autonomy to invite LGBTQ+ speakers, artists and performers to participate in campus events. Speaking to Parliament, Second Minister for Education Indranee Rajah added that decisions on LGBTQ+ performers should not be made based on personal views. Yet, as recent events have shown, decisions are often dependent on personal biases in the absence of clear guidelines on the treatment of LGBTQ+ issues. 

We urge institutions to strengthen anti-discrimination policies and develop clear guidelines around these issues.

Statement on SIM Global Education’s Attempted Censorship of LGBTQ+ Performer Leon Markcus

Issued 25 September 2019

The Inter-University LGBT Network is concerned by SIM Global Education, Singapore Institute of Management attempt to censor queer performer Leon Markcus. The censorship of LGBTQ+ expression and the suppression of dialogue around LGBTQ+ issues does not help to promote the safety and security of LGBTQ+ students. Discouraging conversations perpetuates gaps of understanding between LGBTQ+ students and their peers rather than bridging them. We call on all educational institutions to review their policies regarding LGBTQ+ issues. Our organisation is ready to work with any institution that wishes to make safer and more inclusive campuses their priority.

Statement on Homophobia and Cyberbullying of TMJC Student

Issued 3 February 2019

The Inter-University LGBT Network reads with concern that a Tampines-Meridian Junior College (TMJC) student was cyberbullied for sharing a picture of him kissing his male partner. Comments encouraging acts of violence against the student were particularly worrying. One such comment was posted by Hardwarezone Forum user UptheToon, who advocated putting the couple in a gas chamber. Another, Psychedelic Senses, asked “Can we line them up and execute them all one by one by firing squad?”

Statement on the Censorship and Erasure of LGBTQ+ Issues by the Ministry of Education at TedxYouthSJI

Issued 20 July 2018

The Inter-University LGBT Network is disappointed that the Ministry of Education, Singapore (MOE) has once again chosen to censor and erase LGBTQ+ issues from young people in our schools. 

Earlier this month, we received an email invitation from the organisers at TEDxYouth@SJI to speak at their upcoming event on 20 July 2018. In line with the theme “Chrysalis”, the organisers invited our Research & Advocacy Director, Ms Rachel Yeo, to speak on her experience as a young person concerned about LGBTQ+ issues. However, the day before the event on 19 July 2018, we were abruptly informed that due to MOE regulations, Rachel would not be permitted to speak at the event.

This incident reminds us that there remains much work to be done to foster a truly inclusive society for all Singaporeans, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. We call on the Ministry of Education to review its policies regarding LGBTQ+ people to live up to the spirit of the recent parliamentary motion to “build an education system that brings our young together, to build an inclusive and united Singapore”.

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